Balanced Counseling and Hypnosis Center, PLLC

"I believe all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. 

It is my role as a hypnotherapist to assist a client to attain his or her own hypnotic trance in order to affect the change that is needed by the client. 


The type of goals that I will help clients accomplish include, but are not
limited to:

stopping smoking

weight management

stress reduction

performance improvement

reduction or elimination of fears

strengthening of will power

and improving overall quality of life.


I also use hypnosis as a tool in my Marriage and Family Therapy practice as needed to assist clients with their focus and understanding of their issues. 

I believe in using only positive application and do not utilize any form of
negative ideation with regards to hypnotic suggestions. 


I believe it is my primary function to empower the client to solve his or her own problems and will use hypnosis as a possible technique toward that end." 


Michael Brouillette, MA, LMFTA, LCHt

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Michael Brouillette,